Crime City Clothing - T-Shirt - Deach Match S

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T-Shirt - Sacrified - weiss

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Crime City Clothing - T-Shirt - Death Match


Death Match!

This is Andrea and Chema!
Two wild souls that love music and culture.
Andrea lives in Stockholm and Chema in London. What brings them together is their love of punk music.
What’s kind of funny is how they became close friends after this design was made and it has now become a must for them to play wrestle each time we meet up and get drunk.
Since Andrea goes to many festivals and gigs all around Europe and Chema is on the road almost 364 days of the year doing gigs with one of his 15 different bands they see each other pretty often nowadays.
Eco & fair-trade! Printed in Sweden with discharge print method, whichnever cracks or peels off.

Druck: Discharge

Material: 100% Baumwolle!